LAUNCH with marketing automation

Special pricing and offers for Citycentral tenants

What is DailyStory?

DailyStory is a powerful marketing automation platform for automating and sending emails, text messages and much more!

DailyStory Features

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation puts process, consistency, and measurement around your marketing efforts. 

Special Offer for CityCentral Tenants

As a fellow tenant of City Central we are offering a free month of DailyStory's $79/mo starter package. This limited time offer ends July 1st and includes text messaging, email, landing pages and more.

Get started free - $79 value!

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All Plans Include:

  • Worldclass support (our best feature)
  • Minimum 2 hours of live training and onboarding
  • Dedicated Customer Success manager
  • Third party integrations
  • Reports and analytics
  • Email notifications
  • Weekly upgrades
  • Plus so much more ...

Trusted by Businesses Worldwide

"DailyStory helped me segment my customers and target them with specific text messages and emails."
Small Business Owner Women's fitness gym
"Before DailyStory we sent the same email to everyone - now we're segmenting and the results speak for themselves. Nearly a 5x increase in sales!"
Non-for-profit Director of Marketing

Common Questions

What is your relationship with CityCentral?

DailyStory is a tenant of CityCentral and is participating in CityCentral's LAUNCH event.

What if I want to send additional text messages?

DailyStory allocates text message credits based on your account type. You can always purchase additional text message credits for $5 for 500 credits. We additionally purchase a phone number dedicated to your account that can receive text messages.

Why should I choose DailyStory?

We set everything up for you. Our customers choose us because our features and capabilities meet their needs -- but they stay with us because our customer service is our greatest feature.

What are your support hours?

Our customer support team is available Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5 PM PST. You'll have a dedicated customer success manager and will have his/her email address and contact information too.

How is DailyStory licensed?

DailyStory is licensed, primarily, based on the number of active contacts you have. A contact is any record you have that can be used for marketing purposes: current members, previous members, prospective members, etc.

How am I billed for the service?

All billing is done via credit card. Your credit card is billed on the day of the month that your service started, e.g. if you sign up on April 2nd you will be billed again May 2nd.

What if I want to cancel my account?

We would hate to see you leave, but if you need to cancel simply notify us that you are canceling your account. We'll cancel either immediately or when you ask us to. If you need help getting your contacts or other data out of our system, we'd be happy to help too.

I'm not technical, can I still use DailyStory?

We've made DailyStory as approachable as possible. But, if you need some help, we'd be happy to help you set up the service or configure it.

Can you do everything for me?

Yes, many of our customers hire us in a "turn-key" role. We help design, plan, and execute the digital marketing for your business and operate the day-to-day activities.